#1 Going through that Exam

Back in university days I studied Actuarial Science and never sit for any professional papers (Paper P/FM/etc.) and not intend to. No regrets though. So, my decision to take Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional papers in 2015 was a bit terrifying. I signed up for that program when I was offered scholarship under Yayasan Peneraju. The scholarship covers exam fees, reading materials, and classes.

The classes started in November 2015 and the exam, CFA Level 1 was on 4th June 2016. To cut it short, I didn’t actually make it. I didn’t pass. I cried hard thinking that I need to go through the materials all over again and doing practice questions again if I would ever want to repeat. I’ve then decided to resit for December paper. It was on the 3rd.

Just when I thought that I could nail that paper, I can’t. In fact a couple of topics I found it very hard. After that exam, instead of going for arcade games and bowling which I did that June, I went home straight to sleep. I felt there is equal chances of me passing or failing that paper. And days, week, month passed by, came the day of the result. To be frank, it was only that day itself I was anxious. I was practically busy and occupied with a lot of things.

The result was supposed to be emailed around 10pm (Malaysia’s time) but it didn’t. So I’ve checked with my girls, they also did not receive the result yet. I actually waited until 12.00am until I’ve decided to sleep. I made the right decision. The result was emailed to us around 1.30am due to some technical error. I was awake around 3.30am and the first thing I did was checking my phone in case the result already been emailed.


This is what came in the email! Alhamdulillah! I was actually smiling when seeing the email and I whatsapped a few people about my results. Some replied and some did not. What do you expect at 3.30am? Haha. Felt so relieved and another burden off from my shoulder. This is just first hurdle, I am really looking forward for the next class for Level 2 2018 exam. I’ve decided to defer to 2018 instead of 2017 as I felt that it will be to rushing for me to catch up with all the materials.

Although I did not pass this in 2016 but I’ve made it through and pass in 2017. The failure really hit me back but I am glad somehow as I learnt a lot from the mistakes that I have made. I learnt a lot throughout the process and improvise during preparation for the December paper. And one thing for sure, it taught you to be perseverance and resilience and never forget the Almighty.

Till the next time,




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