#3 The 2 rejuvenating months

After I completed the 2-month ICM (Islamic Capital Market) training which ended at the end of Nov, I was completely free. The training which was classroom style training did not come with on-job training, which I was aware of that. I actually plan to start work back in January but sometimes things didn’t go according to your plan. Not to mention, not many people hire in beginning of the year. During my 2-month break, only God knows how liberating and rejuvenating I felt.

I didn’t attach to any company which left me quite a free time. Way back in 2015 after completed my internship, I worked part-time as waiter/barista and straightaway work for my first job. It was quite tiring I would say as I did not actually have a break at all from studies to intern to part-time job to first job. So, I’ve said to myself no I’m not going to work part-time even. It would take up so much of my energy and time. Within the two months (December & January), little did I realise I actually did a lot of things. Productive things most of the time. I even earn extra cash!

These are things that I do;

  1. Breakfast with my parents almost every morning
  2. Swimming
  3. Cycling
  4. Jogging
  5. Catching up and overnight at friend’s house
  6. Drive Uber
  7. Hiking at 3 places; Bukit Gasing, Gunung Datuk, and Bukit Puchong
  8. Read books and a lot of articles
  9. Start this blog
  10. Apply for jobs
  11. Proofreading & translation commision work
  12. Planning roughly to write novel
  13. Going to Ipoh twice for weddings!
  14. Catching up with friends at Ipoh
  15. Design a business card
  16. Nail that interviews!
  17. Went to a library and borrow books
  18. Hosting my birthday party and cooked for it
  19. Learn to make pretzel
  20. Catching up with my mentor and mentees
  21. Play with my nieces and nephews
  22. Learn new recipes

I guess that was pretty much of it what I did for the past 2 months before finally starting a new job. Dayyumm. Quite productive I would say. Not to mention, it allows me for me to rest and to think clear what I want to do next for my career. Very much relieved that I had the break. I think I want to do this yearly, well not 2-month break but 1 or 2 full weeks of break. After all, you need a break to recharge!

Till the next time,



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