#5 Why are you so busy?

Of late, I got whatsapp from my friends saying that I am too busy. Not just two but three or four people who said that on weekly basis. It scared the hell out of me and at the same time making me think, I am really that busy?

Of course I started my work at 9am and ends at 6pm. Woke up as early as 4 or 5am depending on myself. And during work I rarely opened up my mobile as most of whatsapp texts that I received were long winded and require response and another response in which I would always ended up replying at night or days after (exception to work-related whatsapp). Haha!

And at night, most of the time are filled up with myself doing CFA readings or work-related learning or even just reading newspapers to catch up with the news until I just got tired and would go to sleep. In my defence, I would catch up with my friends occasionally after work but of course not so often like everyday.

I love being busy and enjoy being busy. Once a while, I remind myself, “Hey, it’s time to catch up with your friends. GO OUT.” Haha.

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#4 Being frugal

Early 2017, I did have some plans to go for travelling mid and end of the year. But when February came in, my plans change, probably after having some discussion with my friends on investment. I knew I’ve always wanted to do – to add another asset class in my portfolio but I’ve always found myself in ‘the right time will come’ situation. After a lot of reading, financial statement analysis, thoughts, etc. I decided to put on hold first my travelling plans so that I can achieve this target.

And to achieve this target also, I make up my mind to earn extra income in whatever possible and shariah compliant way. Haha! Not to mention, I have been saving a lot by bringing breakfast/lunch occasionally to work, carpool, reduce outings, and go for free events. I have been recording every single penny I have spent in Google Docs. I created spreadsheets and make it formulate. I even keep all the receipts to track down all my expenses.

…#To be continued later.

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#3 The 2 rejuvenating months

After I completed the 2-month ICM (Islamic Capital Market) training which ended at the end of Nov, I was completely free. The training which was classroom style training did not come with on-job training, which I was aware of that. I actually plan to start work back in January but sometimes things didn’t go according to your plan. Not to mention, not many people hire in beginning of the year. During my 2-month break, only God knows how liberating and rejuvenating I felt.

I didn’t attach to any company which left me quite a free time. Way back in 2015 after completed my internship, I worked part-time as waiter/barista and straightaway work for my first job. It was quite tiring I would say as I did not actually have a break at all from studies to intern to part-time job to first job. So, I’ve said to myself no I’m not going to work part-time even. It would take up so much of my energy and time. Within the two months (December & January), little did I realise I actually did a lot of things. Productive things most of the time. I even earn extra cash!

These are things that I do;

  1. Breakfast with my parents almost every morning
  2. Swimming
  3. Cycling
  4. Jogging
  5. Catching up and overnight at friend’s house
  6. Drive Uber
  7. Hiking at 3 places; Bukit Gasing, Gunung Datuk, and Bukit Puchong
  8. Read books and a lot of articles
  9. Start this blog
  10. Apply for jobs
  11. Proofreading & translation commision work
  12. Planning roughly to write novel
  13. Going to Ipoh twice for weddings!
  14. Catching up with friends at Ipoh
  15. Design a business card
  16. Nail that interviews!
  17. Went to a library and borrow books
  18. Hosting my birthday party and cooked for it
  19. Learn to make pretzel
  20. Catching up with my mentor and mentees
  21. Play with my nieces and nephews
  22. Learn new recipes

I guess that was pretty much of it what I did for the past 2 months before finally starting a new job. Dayyumm. Quite productive I would say. Not to mention, it allows me for me to rest and to think clear what I want to do next for my career. Very much relieved that I had the break. I think I want to do this yearly, well not 2-month break but 1 or 2 full weeks of break. After all, you need a break to recharge!

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#2 The Personal Business Card

Quite sleek design, huh? 

I’ve always wanted a personal business card. A card which does not represent the organisation or the entity I’m work with. It is not that I am not proud with the company I work with but I prefer to represent myself whenever meeting people. And most of the time, I met them at non-work related event (Education Fair, Running, Travelling, etc.)

So yeah, I have finally designed one all by myself and will send for printing. Yeay! It only takes about less than half an hour for me to design as I prefer a minimalist design. Hit me up if you want me to design your business card, logo, resume, or anything. The contacts already there.


#1 Going through that Exam

Back in university days I studied Actuarial Science and never sit for any professional papers (Paper P/FM/etc.) and not intend to. No regrets though. So, my decision to take Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional papers in 2015 was a bit terrifying. I signed up for that program when I was offered scholarship under Yayasan Peneraju. The scholarship covers exam fees, reading materials, and classes.

The classes started in November 2015 and the exam, CFA Level 1 was on 4th June 2016. To cut it short, I didn’t actually make it. I didn’t pass. I cried hard thinking that I need to go through the materials all over again and doing practice questions again if I would ever want to repeat. I’ve then decided to resit for December paper. It was on the 3rd.

Just when I thought that I could nail that paper, I can’t. In fact a couple of topics I found it very hard. After that exam, instead of going for arcade games and bowling which I did that June, I went home straight to sleep. I felt there is equal chances of me passing or failing that paper. And days, week, month passed by, came the day of the result. To be frank, it was only that day itself I was anxious. I was practically busy and occupied with a lot of things.

The result was supposed to be emailed around 10pm (Malaysia’s time) but it didn’t. So I’ve checked with my girls, they also did not receive the result yet. I actually waited until 12.00am until I’ve decided to sleep. I made the right decision. The result was emailed to us around 1.30am due to some technical error. I was awake around 3.30am and the first thing I did was checking my phone in case the result already been emailed.


This is what came in the email! Alhamdulillah! I was actually smiling when seeing the email and I whatsapped a few people about my results. Some replied and some did not. What do you expect at 3.30am? Haha. Felt so relieved and another burden off from my shoulder. This is just first hurdle, I am really looking forward for the next class for Level 2 2018 exam. I’ve decided to defer to 2018 instead of 2017 as I felt that it will be to rushing for me to catch up with all the materials.

Although I did not pass this in 2016 but I’ve made it through and pass in 2017. The failure really hit me back but I am glad somehow as I learnt a lot from the mistakes that I have made. I learnt a lot throughout the process and improvise during preparation for the December paper. And one thing for sure, it taught you to be perseverance and resilience and never forget the Almighty.

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Starting again.

I have left the blog scene for a a quite some time. It left me a hole because I have always enjoy writing and putting everything into words. So, here I am again with pledge to always update with at least once a week.

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